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Obliteride 2019

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Jeannie and Bruce nordstrom

Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom

Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

Mr. richard glass



Plain and simple, at some point cancer will impact your life if it has not already.

Half of all men and one third of all women in the U.S. will get cancer in their lifetime. More than 300 labs and projects are working hard at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to save the lives of people all over the world by conducting innovative, high-impact cancer research.
On August 10, 2019 our team will bike a combined 1,500+ miles across the Pacific Northwest.
We ride to remember and celebrate a variety of loved ones who's lives have been effected by cancer.
We’re committed to supporting this great organization and we hope that you will consider riding with us, donating to our team, and telling others about Obliteride. Thanks to amazing sponsors, 100% of your donation will go directly to cancer research.
It’s time for us to put cancer in its place. Behind us.
We appreciate your support!

CureCyclists Raised
Dave Kolk $2,500.00
Asher Arendsen $125.00
Beck Arendsen $125.00
Drake Arendsen $125.00
Kristin Arendsen $500.00
Ross Arendsen $500.00
Alison Ashmead $2,255.35
David Ashmead $745.00
Jonah ashmead $675.25
Anthony Bastone $3,350.00
Jessica Bastone $1,225.00
Clarisse Benson $1,075.00
Ashley Best $3,255.00
Anne Bramman $1,100.00
Danae Burger $1,315.00
Jeremy Burger $1,300.00
Annelie Clurman $1,100.00
Bruce Clurman $650.00
Trevor Cobb $3,725.00
Ryan Conti $50.00
Sarah Cooley $3,005.00
Aaron Crane $2,875.00
Judy Crane $1,200.00
Scott Davis $1,000.00
Paul Dayton $1,000.00
Jess Einfeld $835.00
Wayne Einfeld $3,555.00
Carla Grandori $575.00
Byron Grote $2,150.00
Debra Gumbardo $650.00
Kristi Heim $2,370.00
Mary Hiemstra $1,790.00
Caleb Karsten $125.00
Evan Karsten $125.00
Lisa Karsten $535.00
Nate Karsten $535.00
Nolan Karsten $125.00
Olivia Karsten $125.00
Brandon Kolk $1,058.34
Bryan Kolk $853.33
Christie Kolk $800.00
Gerald Kolk $570.00
Jay Kolk $570.83
Maryellen Kolk $570.00
Susan Miller $2,150.00
Alexandra Nguyen $2,972.50
Alex Nordstrom $50.00
Brandy Nordstrom $4,550.00
Erik Nordstrom $38,060.00
Julie Nordstrom $42,325.00
Molly Nordstrom $48,600.00
Zach Pieper $1,130.00
Alicia Priest $750.00
Carly Ralston $2,000.00
Jamie Rawding $1,100.00
Michael Rawding $5,100.00
Sidnei Resende $555.00
Paula Reynolds $53,501.26
Steve Reynolds $2,950.00
John Rumpeltes $1,475.00
Katie Smith $600.00
Rebecca Taylor $2,025.00
Leslie Thornton $3,150.00
Ben Van Dyke $1,500.00
Joseph Wallace $760.00
Emily Wiltzius $1,276.00
Jodie Wohl $2,021.00
Thomas Woodley $1,000.00
Taylor Wroolie $600.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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