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About me

Hello fellow cancer-haters! I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer when I was 28, mid-way through graduate school studying immunology. After finishing treatment, I realized that other scientists spent countless late nights and long weekends working to discover the drugs that saved my life, and I wanted to pay-it-forward. After graduate school, I decided to put my experience and expertise to good use and focus my research on immunotherapy, the newest pillar in cancer treatment.

I am currently a post-doctoral research fellow with Dr. Philip Greenberg at the Fred Hutch. My work focuses on developing engineered T cell therapies for solid tumors, specifically high-grade serous ovarian cancer, and on understanding how solid tumors evade anti-tumor immune cells so that we can engineer even more effective therapies.

Why am I doing this?

As a survivor of an aggressive tumor that was eradicated by targeted therapy, I know the critical role that research plays in providing options for patients. Even more importantly, I understand how much research and cutting-edge treatments can give patients hope.

Donations from the Climb to Fight Cancer event often fund projects we consider "high-risk, high-reward". These are projects that involve innovative approaches but that can be considered "too risky" by other funding agencies. Not surprisingly, these are usually the projects that propel the field forward. In fact, engineered T cell therapy used to be one of these "too risky to fund" ideas, and now the approach is saving lives!

I am Climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money so researchers can continue to think outside the box and follow the science where it takes them: getting us closer to cancer cures.    

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