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About me

I am the Founder and CEO of a Boston-based digital health startup called ZappRx. ZappRx provides a platform for patients to receive specialty medications and treatment for rare diseases including cancer. It is my ultimate goal to get patients on life-saving medications and therapies in under twenty-four hours. I am passionate about reducing time-to-fill as I had a family member who was forced to wait six months before receiving life-saving medication and almost suffered permanent neurological damage because of it.

I describe myself as an adrenaline junkie as evidenced through becoming an entrepreneur as well as a certified racecar driver. I spend most weekends racing my Mazda mx-5 during the warmer months and skiing during the winter. I live for thrill and am always looking for my next adventure and hiking Kilimanjaro seems to be the perfect fit.

Why am I doing this?

Working with rare diseases, I have seen firsthand how patients get diagnosed with diseases like cancer and fight every day to stay alive. I've see doctors who make the diagnosis and want to treat patients, but immediately struggle to get their patients access to life-saving specialty medications. Nurses are often in the trenches filling out paperwork instead of doing clinical, patient-centric work. I have seen too much horror to not be passionate about getting patients access to key therapies for debilitating diseases.

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