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Team Kilimanjaro
Amount Raised
127 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $100,000.00
Achieved: $127,080.80
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Nina & Sandy Climb Kili for Cancer

We are proud and honored to be joining the 2019 Timmerman Kilimanjaro Climb to raise money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Who We Are: Nina is a healthcare investor at Canaan – supporting early-stage start-ups - and Sandy is CEO of Nuvelution Pharma - a company accelerating late stage clinical trials. Together, we have 50+ years in the healthcare industry. We share a strong commitment to healthcare, environmental and social-justice causes and we are involved with several local non-profits, as well as our synagogue. We have a deep gratitude for our health, strong marriage, wonderful family and our loving and supportive friends. We felt that a grand gesture of charity, physical and mental preparation and teamwork was a worthy way of expressing our thanks for our many blessings and to celebrate both visible and more private milestones. 

Why Kilimanjaro:  Big ideas take hard work. Climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for conquering serious diseases like cancer and changing healthcare for the better. One foot in front of the other, step by step, day after day, towards a spectacular goal or summit. Both take planning, a serious personal commitment and dedicated collaboration and ream work. And preparation. And adaptability to changing conditions. And overcoming discomfort and fear. The satisfaction of achievement – and the view from the peak – is likely beyond imagination. We have both summited numerous mountains: Shasta, Russell, Whitney, Rainier and – in Sandy’s case – attempted a big one (Pico De Orizaba in Mexico) though thwarted by storms. We have never done one together. And never in such good company for such a good cause.

 Why Cancer:  Cancer sucks. Cancer took Nina’s Dad. A caner scare paralyzed us for months and greatly impacted our family. Cancer has taken our friends, colleagues and mentors. Friends tand family battling (and beating) cancer are forever changed, even with best of outcomes. Cancer devastates families and communities all over the world every single day. Research holds the potential to deliver critical new cancer therapies and cures, as well as generating new insights and tools that will benefit other serious diseases. In order to ensure these discoveries continue to accelerate and reach patients, we need to support credible, high-impact research institutions such as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. We must also understand the needs and experiences of the many, many patients and families they serve and extend the reach of their world-class cancer care. 



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