AUG. 10, 2019

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Obliteride 2019

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We’re Obliteriding to cure cancer faster — and we need your support!

Bheem is an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in August 2018. One year later, in honor of Bheem and his fight to conquer cancer, we will cycle together as Team Bheem in Obliteride 2019. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to accelerate research for lifesaving cures.

Bheem's cancer diagnosis was terrifying. He and his parents will never forget the moment his pediatrician explained to Bheem that he has cancer, and immediately told him there was a cure for his cancer. We want every family who hears the awful news about a cancer diagnosis to have hope for a cure. Funded research devoted to these cures is essential. 

We are immensely grateful to the families, doctors, researchers, scientists, and philanthropists who blazed a path toward cures for childhood leukemia. Now we're ready to do our part to accelerate the drive toward better treatments without the horrible side effects, and hopefully discover ways to prevent blood cancers from ever forming in the first place.

Every Obliteride-raised dollar goes to lifesaving research at Fred Hutch — and the Hutch won’t stop until they have cures for all cancers. Already, researchers there are advancing breakthrough treatments, ramping up prevention and diagnosis, and bringing together the best minds in science, tech, and business to save more lives, more quickly.

It’s amazing! But bold research takes money — and that’s where we come in.

Please donate today and join us in putting cancer in its place: behind us.

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Team Bheem Raised
Tonia Goyal $5,766.00
Davis Bell $500.00
Gabriel Biller $2,580.00
Ira Biller $575.00
Hugh Campbell $1,200.00
Sara Coe $2,460.00
Matt Dahl $1,425.00
Christopher Daniels $2,598.00
Sarah Daniels $1,950.00
Ayn Dietrich-Williams $1,300.00
Calder Egan $25.00
Jack Egan $725.00
Wyatt Egan $0.00
Susan Geisler $2,102.89
Anand Goyal $550.00
Arjun Goyal $25.00
Asha Goyal $25.00
Bheem Goyal $1,025.00
Chandu Goyal $550.00
Dhruv Goyal $25.00
Jay Goyal $2,212.00
Kruti Goyal $1,050.00
Vipin Goyal $3,951.00
Martinique Grigg $1,200.00
Russell Harmon $1,915.00
Anthony Hecht $1,200.00
Walter Hecht $0.00
Duane Henry $1,250.00
Liz Jones $540.00
Yoon Kim-Butterfield $2,340.00
Alexander Kutner $2,050.00
Kevin Lennox $600.00
Tami Lennox $625.00
Anh Nguyen $2,375.00
Allan Ohlsen $1,200.00
Ankit Patel $1,317.00
Esha Patel $25.00
Meeta Patel $1,650.00
Sameea Patel $25.00
Alex Rawson $1,750.00
Ava Rawson $25.00
Kyla Rawson $25.00
Timothy Riley $2,353.00
Lindsay Sanders $2,381.00
Maddie Strode $3,143.00
Leigh Tsuji $1,100.00
Clara Veniard $1,782.35
Jamie Voss $1,130.00
Amber Wolfe $2,450.00
Jefferson Worden $1,200.00
Team Gifts $975.00
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