AUG. 10, 2019

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Obliteride 2019

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Our participation privately remembers those in our own extended GLY family who have been impacted by cancer. Notably, this includes a very special member of the GLY team, retired Project Manager and Cochrun family patriarch Jerry Cochrun Sr, whom we said goodbye to in 2016. Jerry was a big fan of wearing Aloha shirts, which is why we wear the Aloha flower print on our team shirts.

We’ve made big fundraising commitments as a statement against cancer. You can make a big statement as well by donating. With 100% of every dollar donated going directly to cancer research, we all can have a big impact on saving lives faster.

Obliteride funds research in the areas of greatest need at Fred Hutch, from basic sciences and public health to deep exploration into organ-specific cancers and immunotherapy. Over the past six years, the annual event has funded over $14 million for research, helping Fred Hutch forge ahead in areas of lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer and clinical research.

RIDE. WALK. CURE. Please donate and join us in our support of Fred Hutch’s research to cure cancer.

Thank you to all of our team donors, riders, walkers, volunteers, and supporters! #GLYrides4cure

GLYrides4cure Raised
Peter Brask $1,000.00
Adam Cisler $1,200.00
Melanie Cochrun $1,000.00
Sarah Cunningham $1,450.00
Benji Dimer $1,000.00
Jim Elliott $1,100.00
Lori Elliott $1,100.00
Jonathan Evatt $1,000.00
Erik Evenson $1,000.00
Scott Gardiner $1,466.50
Benjamin Hamm $1,100.00
Jodi Herb $600.00
Ted Herb $600.00
Steven Heymes $600.00
Carly Hicks $1,350.00
Joseph Hutter $1,000.00
Andy Johnson $1,100.00
Mark Kane $1,100.00
Jim Karambelas $1,000.00
Scott Myatich $1,000.00
Laura Ovsak $1,000.00
Julia Payment $600.00
Janine Pietz $500.00
Myron Ramirez $1,000.00
Stefan Rehnfeldt $1,200.00
Kelly Rench $6,375.00
Jeffrey Richards $1,000.00
Bryce Taylor $1,100.00
Chris Teteak $1,100.00
Tim Teteak $500.00
Danielle Zinck $1,000.00
Team Gifts $13,643.07
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