AUG. 10, 2019

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Obliteride 2019

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The Smart Ass-ks -- a passionate posse of Obliteriders from Fred Hutch's Philanthropy and Communications & Marketing teams, and their friends and family -- are Obliteriding to cure cancer faster. And we need your support!

This August, beneath Mount Rainier, bald eagles, and an enormous orange banner, we’re joining thousands of people in Seattle to bike, run, walk, and raise money to obliterate cancer.

We’re doing this because we are ready for a world where no family has to fear this disease. Researchers are making great progress, but we’re not there yet: One in three people will still face cancer in their lifetime.

Every Obliteride-raised dollar goes to lifesaving research at Fred Hutch — and the Hutch won’t stop until they have cures for all cancers. Already, researchers there are advancing breakthrough treatments, ramping up prevention and diagnosis, and bringing together the best minds in science, tech, and business to save more lives, more quickly.

It’s amazing! But bold research takes money — and that’s where you come in.

Please donate today and join us in putting cancer in its place: behind us.

Thank you. 


Smart Ass-ks Raised
Michele Burns $1,715.00
Molly Payne $935.00
Ian Arnold $515.00
Keri Balmer $365.00
Johnathan Billecci $285.00
Corinna Bridges $0.00
Kim Callahan $455.00
Ella Carlton $0.00
Lauren Carlton $0.00
Katie Chambers $1,065.00
Anna Chavez $25.00
Steve Chavez $375.00
Elizabeth Clawson $125.00
Traci Drake $300.00
Beth Goenen $910.00
Mark Grantor $2,350.00
Scott Greenfield $1,025.00
Dan Hazzard $1,100.00
Whitney Hazzard $880.00
Amelia Hoormann $1,015.00
Morgan Jaldon $505.00
Eveline Johnson $0.00
Isla Johnson $0.00
Mimi Johnson $0.00
Rainee Johnson $325.00
Signe Johnson $0.00
Andrea Larson $1,060.00
Anna-Liisa Little $300.00
Michael Ma $625.00
Sofie Madden $600.00
Elizabeth Za Martin $300.00
Kjell Oswald $1,450.00
Cherie Phillips $570.00
Bob Quiles $400.00
Gabriella Quiles $25.00
Tori Quiles $385.00
Lisa Roeder $1,915.00
Mike Rubin $25.00
John Schmertz $550.00
Laurie Schmertz $560.00
Lauren Sinnott $1,590.00
Christos Theo $30.00
George Theo $785.00
Kathryn Theo $30.00
Tamsyn Theo $459.00
Emily Thoms $345.00
Jeff Towne $3,900.00
Iris Worrall $100.00
Jasper Worrall $100.00
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