AUG. 10, 2019

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Skin Cancer
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$5905 $5,905.00
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I want to obliterate Skin cancer
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Dear Obliteride riders, fans, and supporters,

Yes, it's that time again to saddle up and start training for the Obliteride fund raiser ride on August 10, 2019.This year we ride 100 miles to raise money to cure cancer.Melanoma update: My cancer, diagnosed in 2012, has been in remission.  I had a CT scan last month and the results were No Evidence of Disease or NED.  These three letters are every patients dream. The five year mark is significant in that the chances that cancer will return after five years of remission are very low, Thank you immune therapy from the Hutch and SCCA.

We raise money each year at Obliteride so in the future every patient can look back and say "I HAD cancer" as in past tense. In the United States roughly 1,500 people die of cancer each day or about one person every minute. Fred Hutch researchers are making breathtaking progress every year toward reducing this number and with money from donations like yours, their work will continue.

This year I dedicate my ride to a friend of mine who is going through experimental therapy right now at the Hutch in the hopes that his stage IV metastatic cancer can be stopped. If the therapy works as designed, the drugs will activate his immunity to see the cancer and kill it. 

Here is another story - A Seattle man Matt Bencke died of cancer late in 2017 and if you are like me you will read this article and pound the table with tears in your eyes and shout to the world WHY. “The Day I Found Out My Life Was Hanging by a Thread” This could so easily be someone you love.


I know I ask you each year for a donation and generously you come through. THANK YOU!  And here we are again.Please consider a donation of any amount to help the scientists at the Hutch continue their rescue work.

Thank you all!

David Dunnington