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Dear Friends,
Please join me in the fight to OBLITERATE cancer!
As some of you might know, this is the fifth year I’m participating in Obliteride, a bicycle riding fundraiser benefitting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I want to start by thanking each of you that has donated in the past.  Because of your generosity, Team Rene has raised over $30,000 and Obliteride has raised over $12 million since inception!  100% of that money is already hard at work in Fred Hutch labs, in a variety of areas.
Breast cancer has had a profound impact on my family including taking my mom's life in 2014.  I'm thrilled to see that Obliteride funds are being used to study metastatic breast cancer.  20-30% of early stage breast cancers progress to metastatic disease and it's imperative we gain a better understanding of why this happens so that we can prevent and treat it effectively.  Way to go Dr. Cyrus Ghajar! 
I ride in memory of my mom.  Her treatments worked for a while and then they quite.  Her cancer outsmarted the drugs.  The day we received that news was devastating.  How could this happen?  How did the cancer cells change themselves?  One million questions raced through my head.  We knew the prognosis wasn’t good, but we always had hope because we knew doctors and scientists were working around the clock to find new and more-effective therapies.  While she fought her own fight, she also continued to help others by participating in clinical trials and donating tissue samples.  She always consented to more tests and questions if she knew there was a possibility they would help others avoid what she was going through. 
I continue to ride for Team Rene because it inspires me to fight for what I believe in and it represents so many qualities that I saw in my mom and that are necessary in the fight against cancer; fortitude, strength, endurance, resilience, laughter and most importantly love.  
This year I’m riding 50 miles with a fundraising goal of $3,000.  Please consider a donation and know that 100% of your money is used for research.  Many companies match donations, including Boeing.  If you work at Boeing, please visit their GIVE webpage and complete a match request.  It’s easy and if you need help, let me know.  If you work for another company, there is a search feature to see if they also provide matching funds.
Let’s put cancer in its place.  Behind us!
Thank you so much for your support and may you be blessed with good health,
In memory of my sweet mom, two Grammas, Austin, Deborah, Linda, Yushin, Lisa, Tom, Jaesun, Juliette, Jenna, Evi, John, Craig, Claus, Bruce, Beverly, Jean and the friends and family members of my donors
In honor of Lindsay, Auntie Ann, Alyson, Orsha, Leann, George, some wonderful coworkers, a couple of wonderful dads and the friends and family members of my donors.

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