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Obliteride 2018

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Microsoft Matching Gift

Microsoft Matching Gift

David Powell

Microsoft Matching Gift

Mr. Luis Felipe Ulloa

Team Microsoft welcomes all employees, contractors, and alums of Microsoft, as well as their family and friends. Come ride or walk with us this August 11 to help the Hutch cure cancer faster!

Please contact David Powell (david.powell -at- microsoft dot com) before registering for Obliteride 2018 if you're planning to do the ride with the team this year. Team members planning to do the 5K walk can register directly by hitting the Join this Team button on this page.

More details about the ride are here:

More details about the new 5K walk are here:

Obliteride is a chance to learn about the great work happening at the Hutch. This recent article in the Seattle Times covers a lot of ground about the Hutch in a quick read:

Current Microsoft employees who donate to Obliteride can ensure donation Match requests get credited to the right team member by browsing to, go to your Giving Portal, tap/click Request a Match now, search for cause "Obliteride", and in the matching donation web form, put the team and rider names in the Comments section as in "Please credit rider Satya Nadella of Team Microsoft". The Hutch gets a single big payment from Microsoft each month and a report; without something in the comments section of your match request, the program office doesn't know who to credit.

Fundraising is easy. Start by updating your rider page on this site. Add a photo, tell why you're doing Obliteride, then post a link on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. If you're a current employee, you can leverage our fantastic Microsoft giving benefit by offering to match contributions from family/friends up to a certain amount you're comfortable giving. Each time they give, you give to your own campaign, then submit a match for your gift. You'll blow past your goal in no time and the Hutch can continue to do world-class research, education, and treatment for HIV, Cancer, and more!

In 2017, 70 members of Team Microsoft rode together on every route in Fred Hutch's Obliteride and raised about $140,000. Thank you to each rider, and to all our 2017 contributors for your support! We'd love to top this great result in 2018.

Microsoft & Friends - Join Team Raised
David Powell $16,112.50
Siamak Ahari $4,200.00
Pete Bernard $500.00
Henry Bosak $1,350.00
Dustin Burson $1,100.00
Michelle Chamberlin $454.58
Nicholas Clements $2,000.00
Oscar Corzo $260.00
Ben Di Qual $0.00
Jeff Dossett $3,400.00
James Drage $5,775.00
John Eversole $8,470.00
Cormac Foster $710.00
Jim Fowler $1,150.00
Jennifer Friend $175.00
John Friend $300.00
John Gagnon $0.00
TJ Gerber $1,162.50
Peter Giffin $8,025.02
Aswin Gunawan $1,275.00
John Hadden $8,150.00
Sheila Hadden $1,000.00
William Hayden $150.00
Catherine Hediger $1,000.00
Rene Hediger $400.00
Joseph Heiniger $100.00
Debra Hemminger $1,000.00
Stephen Hemminger $1,125.00
Justin Hicks $675.00
Molly Hill $275.00
David Hose $525.00
Brian Hudson $2,212.50
Seth Hummel $2,750.00
Elke Jackson $295.00
Sharon Johnston $800.00
Kelsey Juraschka $350.00
Nilesh Kamdar $0.00
Richard Kaplan $37,381.00
Melanie Kelsey $200.00
Deepak Khare $335.00
JJ Kim $50.00
Cheuk Hang Ko $100.00
Chin Hang Ko $400.00
Wendy Koob $1,525.00
Tracy Lee $250.00
Dan Legg $100.00
Jen Legg $100.00
Karl Leigh $1,600.00
Alan Liu $3,694.16
Susan Loh $1,147.75
Stacie McClure $1,183.33
Adam McLeod $400.00
Marc Mendonca $1,000.00
Jack Miller $675.00
Mats Myrberg $2,100.00
Spencer Nelson $530.00
Gowtham Pannala $1,625.00
Daniel Perry $50.00
Deb Perry $1,750.00
Mark Perry $2,000.00
Steve Petitpas $2,000.00
Sue Petitpas $2,650.00
John Pierson $1,850.00
Nancy Pierson $500.00
Katie Powell $2,210.00
Nancy Powell $4,000.00
Hariharan Ragunathan $600.00
Paul Robinson $150.00
Arup Roy $1,591.00
Kevin Salat $100.00
Winston Saunders $4,600.00
Pankaj Sharma $200.00
Lois Smith $0.00
Alessandra Spencer $250.00
Bill Spencer $175.00
Will Spencer $175.00
Aj Steinbrecher $30.00
Emily Tidball $675.00
Alex Trzyna $1,300.00
Luis Ulloa $10,000.00
Joshua White $1,349.58
Larry Wilcher $1,290.00
Ken Wolfe $2,318.00
Viola Yeung $50.00
Team Gifts $19,275.00
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