AUG. 10, 2019

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Obliteride 2019

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Calling Cancer's Bluff Poker Party

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Calling Cancer's Bluff Poker Party

Adaptive has proudly organized an Obliteride team since Obliteride's inaugural year
Adaptive has proudly organized an Obliteride team since Obliteride's inaugural year

Adaptive and Obliteride have always had similar missions: a commitment to pushing forward scientific discovery to conquer cancer. The vision of treating and managing cancer and other diseases is at the heart of what Adapters do each day. We are advancing our understanding of the immune system to empower researchers and clinicians around the world to take on the greatest challenges in healthcare and improve patients’ lives.

But we don’t leave this mission at the door when we leave work each day. Everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer and when presented with the opportunity to do more, we embrace it. That’s why Team Adaptive is joining all the thousands of people in Seattle to bike, run, walk, and raise money to obliterate cancer.

Adaptive has proudly organized an Obliteride team since 2013. As our company grows, we are thrilled to introduce new team members to this marquee opportunity to join colleagues in one of our most fun and meaningful events of the year. Ride, run, walk, or volunteer – there is something for everyone who shares our goal.

Thank you in advance for joining our effort. Obliteride, here we come.

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