AUG. 10, 2019

I Ride to Obliterate:
All Cancers
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$2150 $2,150.00
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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I'm riding for Chuck, Hannah, Jackson, Scott, Mike, Gretchen, Susan, and Barbara


This August, I’ll be riding my seventh Obliteride to help continue Fred Hutch’s ever-accelerating pace of lifesaving cancer research.  Obliteride is an amazing ride where bonds are built as we urge each other up and down the hills and then relax at rest stops and parties.  It’s also an emotional time that tugs at our hearts, as we honor so many that cancer has taken from us.  So many have died way too young, and so many more are in the fights of their lives.

Many of us are drawn to Obliteride because we have been affected in one way or another by cancer. I ride for Chuck, Hannah, Jackson, Scott, Mike, Gretchen, Susan and Barbara. Our young friend Jackson, age 10, has defeated Leukemia through the miracles of modern medicine and Fred Hutch’s research. Though Scott, Mike, Gretchen, Susan and Barbara fought for their lives with determined faith, will and courage, current medical breakthroughs were not enough to beat their cancers. I ride to raise money for cancer research to continue the fight against this devastating disease, with the hope that there will someday be a day when cancer no longer tears apart the lives of those we love. 

I hear many success stories about the ongoing breakthroughs that are chipping away at once-fatal cancers.  Jackson is smiling proof that Fred Hutch’s groundbreaking research is saving lives.  I truly feel that Obliteride is helping to move the needle.  Perhaps there will be a day when cancer is no longer a frequent word in our vocabularies.  Perhaps there will be a day when the list of people I ride for gets no longer.

I so appreciate the support that many have given my Obliterides over the past six years, both through encouragement as I prepare for these long bike rides and with generous funding for Fred Hutch’s research.