AUG. 10, 2019

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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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SAVE LIVES FASTER Support the Microsoft Team in our goal to Help the Hutch Wipe out Cancer

My Coworker Chris passed away last month from Cancer. Chris was one of those guys who quietly focused on helping others. He didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on himself. He was a navy veteran and a leader in human resources at Microsoft. Chris and I talked last year when he started Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy gives you a lot of time to reflect on how you got here and what is important in your life.  Sadly, Chris’s cancer  returned and this quiet unassuming man who only wanted to help his family and others slipped away.

I ride for Chris because hopefully Chris’s story motivates you to give. I ride because two Fred Hutch researchers I met with recently said that the only reason that they are going to clinical trail with a new cancer therapy is because it got funded by money raised through Obliteride and other events. The national institute of Health does not fund early innovation, Donations do.

Fourteen years ago, I received a chemotherapy drug that was developed by Dr. Dave Maloney, a Fred Hutch Researcher. I was patient zero using this drug for my disease. It saved my life, and now thousands of patients have had the same therapy and are alive today because of Innovation at Fred Hutch.

I ride for Chris; I ride to cure cancer, because every day children and adults die from cancers that might be cured through innovative new therapies that are NOT funded by the National Institute of Health, but through private donations from us.