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I want to obliterate Blood cancer
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We can beat cancer, and I believe research is the fastest path to curing cancer. Every year my wife and I donate to Fred Hutch and other charities to support the research for a cure. 

  • I ride in memory of my father-in-law David Jester, who died of Hodgkins Lymphoma and Pancreatic Cancer
  • I ride in memory of my grandfather-in-law Charles Jester, who died of Prostate Cancer
  • I ride in honor of my grandmother-in-law Elva Jester, who survived Skin Cancer and Cervical Cancer
  • I ride in honor of my friends who are surviving cancer, Amy, Bradley, Brian, Charmaine, Josephine, Lisa, and Logan

I am riding in Obliteride to raise money for additional research and to make sure everyone diagnosed with cancer gets to be a survivor. With everyone's support I believe we can beat cancer in our lifetime.

I'll match every donation I get (and Microsoft will match my donation) tripling your donation towards cancer research.