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Kyle Martin

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Together, Let's Cure Cancer!

 Greetings Friends,

My personal story didn't change much in the last year...but of course the world has.  And lots is changing with Obliteride!  Know that Fred Hutch is cancer research but also infectious disease research.  THIS YEAR - 50% OF ALL $$ RAISED BY OBLITERIDE GOES TO COVID RESEARCH!!!

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma early in 2004.  I went through the CHOP-R regimen where like many cancer patients, I lost my hair and experienced other fun chemo effects. Still, I am one of the fortunate ones. The side effects I went through were absolutely worth it as the cancer was kicked to the curb and I have been in remission (possibly cured) with no treatment since that time which has allowed me to watch my beautiful family grow from then toddlers to high school.  Fred Hutch played a significant role in my diagnosis, and treatment where I received autologous stem cell collection at the Hutch. The care was tremendous!  Fortunately, I'm still in remission!

In September 2018, my family was hit by cancer, again.  This time, my mother, Trudi Martin was struck down very suddenly by metastasized ovarian cancer that had spread to many internal organs.  She started feeling sick at the beginning of September.  She was diagnosed a couple of weeks later and died just a few weeks after that.  Incredibly sudden.   Horrible disease.  This year I again ride for my mother, Trudi.

This year there won't be an Obliteride weekend...but an Obliteride week AND lots of new opportunities thanks to COVID-19!

While I still plan to ride the 50 mile 'route' maybe even on Aug 8th the Obliteride 'day'.  BUT, I'm also setting a goal of 'moving' 1600 miles by Aug 8th under my own power.  100 Miles for each year I've been in remission!!  I will add up my cycling, swimming, walking, paddle boarding and kayaking and get to 1600 miles by Aug 8th!!!

I'm thankful for each of you and the place you have in my life. I can't think of too many better causes. This will be I believe my fifth straight ride.  I've been able thank to you all to raise over $3500 each year.  I'm again leading a small team.  Although the team has grown this year by five of my family members!! WAHOO!!  This year I hope to raise over $5000.  I'm currently 25% of the way there and I've cycled more than 700 miles since the first of May!!

It's time for us to put cancer AND COVID-19 in their place. Behind us. Ride with me, donate to my ride, and tell others about Obliteride. Fred Hutch is a world leading cancer research facility.

I'm asking you to join me today in the fight against cancer and infectious disease.

Thank you! Blessings! Kyle Martin

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