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5 years of riding for a cure, and I'm still ALL IN

Research advances knowledge and that’s the path to obliterating cancer. For that reason, I’m going ALL IN to accelerate research at Fred Hutch.

Update 8/24/20:

We did it! Mary and I did our socially-distanced live Obliteride on 8/8, riding a little over 26 miles along the Burke Gilman and Sammamish River Trails. It was so much fun to see how many other Obliteriders were riding -- everyone sporting their jerseys, cheering for one another, and a few even had their cow bells with them! We ended at the Maryhill Winery in Woodinville, where our families met us with bells, signs, and rosé. It wasn't quite the same as the finish line at Gas Works Park, but it was still a wonderful time. (And in true Obliteride spirit, after weeks of sunshine we woke up to rain on ride day.)

Although I am done with my rides for Obliteride, the work at Fred Hutch still continues. In addition to their cancer research, Hutch scientists are also on the frontlines of COVID-19 research. Due to the importance and impact of COVID-19 on all of us (and especially on those at higher risk due to cancer treatments), half of the funds raised for Obliteride will go toward COVID-19 research this year.

Obliteride fundraising is open until September 17th, so we still have time to support the work of Fred Hutch. I would be so grateful if you could help me hit my stretch goal of $5000!


Update 8/2/20:

ONE MORE WEEK! Mary and I completed Part One of our virtual Obliteride on 7/25:  together we rode almost 140 miles without moving an inch (yay Peloton, the bike that goes nowhere)!

This Saturday 8/8/20 -- the day we would have been riding with all the orange jerseys, amazing volunteers and supporters, cow bells, Nutella and bananas at the rest stops, and Tom Douglas grilling salmon at the Finishers' Party -- we'll be doing our own 25 mile bike ride on the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails. We plan to finish at Maryhill Winery in Woodinville, because it seems obvious that's where we should end up.

I've updated my fundraising goal because we're SO close to $5000! With the event going virtual and all of the important COVID-19 research being done on top of Fred Hutch's work in cancer research and treatments, it's definitely worth going the extra mile. I hope that you can help me make it over the finish line!

Update 7/22/20:

We are almost there! This weekend I'll be riding my "virtual Obliteride" in the form of a PeloFondo -- a looooong ride on my Peloton. I did this earlier in the spring as a fundraiser for Obliteride and I'm ready to do it again! I've raised my goal to 100 miles (oof, that's 6+ hours for me), and best of all, I've got a team of 14 other amazing Obliteriders (including Mary!) joining me for the ride. We are all riding with a minimum goal of 35 miles, and I can't wait to see what we achieve over the weekend!

After the PeloFondObliteride this weekend, Mary and I will be doing a socially-distanced live ride on the day of the originally scheduled Obliteride -- August 8th. We've put together a 25 mile route and we are organizing our cheer squad (husband + kids) to meet us at the end with a picnic and wine.

We are still passionate about raising awareness and support for the work that Fred Hutch continues to do, both in cancer and COVID-19 research. And I'd love your support too! I recognize this is an unstable time for many of us and we don't all have the resources we usually do. But if you are able to make a donation to my ride, I'd appreciate it so much. Anything helps!


Update 6/14/20:

As we all know, things are a little crazy now. But the need to support scientific research is as important as ever. The live Obliteride event has been shifted to a collection of virtual events, and if you are a Peloton rider, I hope you will consider joining me on an Obliteride team for a Pelofondo (long ride) during the weekend of July 25-26th! The Pelofondo is free, but I do ask that you either register for the Obliteride yourself, or donate (any amount) to my page so that the Obliteride team is truly representing the support for the important work that the scientists at Fred Hutch are doing.

For the Pelofondo, the minimum distance is 35 miles on your spin bike. There is a published schedule of rides that other Pelofondo participants will be following, but you are free to take whichever rides you want -- you can reach your goal mileage however you want (I plan to ride at least 50 miles for my Obliteride). If you'd like more information on how to register for the Pelofondo or would like to join the Obliteride team (you'll need a passcode), please let me know and I am happy to help!


Many of you know that my dad passed away from multiple myeloma -- an incurable blood cancer -- in 2015. I signed up for Obliteride right after. Why? Because when Dad was diagnosed in 2007, he was given a survival prognosis of "up to a year". Thanks to new treatments and clinical trials empowered by research, we were given nearly 8 years with him. He was able to meet both of his grandchildren and see them grow into feisty kids who inherited his sharp wit and immovable stubbornness (oh, the stubbornness).

Now, in my fifth year of riding Obliteride, the research that the Hutch is doing is just as important as ever. My list of family and loved ones who are facing or have faced cancer continues to grow. I continue to cheer, celebrate, support and mourn with each one. I have grown stronger as a rider, and I have grown stronger in my passion to support the life-saving research that must continue at the Hutch.

Since this is my 5th year, I'm doing something a little different. Yes, I'm riding in the 25-mile Obliteride. Plus I added on an additional 50 miles on March 28, 2020 as a participant in PeloFondo. As part of my PeloFondo ride (which I dubbed "PeloFondObliteride" because I cannot pass up a good portmanteau), I asked for pledges to support my Obliteride. I rode 68 miles in four hours (that's a looooong time to be pedaling non-stop) and raised even more funds for Obliteride through generous supporters.

But, we're not done. In addition to the important cancer research that the Hutch leads, their scientists and researchers are at the frontlines in the global race to understand and manage coronavirus and COVID-19. I hope you'll help me support their work by riding with me, donating to my ride (there's a big ol' "Donate" button up there ⬆), and telling others about Obliteride!

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