AUG. 10, 2019

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Tamela's Tumoraiders
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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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Dear Friends,

As many of you know, my mom has cancer. It's hard to describe what you feel when your mom says, "I have cancer", but words like terrified and why come to mind. My family has been on a roller coaster since last July and the only way we can get off this ride is to cure cancer. 

You are in luck, because I also have some really good news. You can help me cure cancer! Fred Hutch is one of the top research centers in the world and their scientists believe they can cure cancer by 2025! They are right here in our backyard and we can help them!

I'm even giving you some options: 

1) The option that will probably be the most fun for you is to join our team, Tamela's Tumoraiders, and ride or walk with us. You can recruit your friends too. Click on Tamela's Tumoraiders in the title or cut and paste the link below to learn more: 


Please call me or my mom if you have any questions or need us to convince you that this will be your best idea yet. 

2) If you can't join our team, please consider making a donation to my page. Large or small, it all adds up and it all helps. Thank you! 

Either way, you will be helping someone you probably already know, millions of people you've never met, and (without sounding too fatalistic) you may be helping your future self. I had no idea when I first did the Obliteride three years ago, that I would be riding today for my mom. All of us have either had a cancer scare ourselves or know someone with this disease.

Let's make the C-word something none of us is afraid to say. Fred Hutch, Dr. Gray, and your incredible staff: you have already made this roller coaster much less terrifying than we imagined it would be. For this we cannot thank you enough. We're going to kick some C-ass to help you do more research.

Thank you everybody!

With lots of love and hope,