AUG. 10, 2019

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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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Riding 100 miles in one day is the LEAST I can do! PLEASE HELP by donating any amount you can spare. $1 is GREATLY appreciated. ANYTHING HELPS!.


I will donation match until I hit my goal of $20k so PLEASE donate what you can and your generosity will be DOUBLED!!! 

I’m Obliteriding to cure cancer faster — and I need your support! Please read my story.

 I have had the chance to see cancer first-hand with a mother who was brave and beat breast cancer to then turn around and get colo-rectal cancer shortly thereafter. She spent a major portion of her life FIGHTING CANCER. My mom, Helen, worked tirelessly to get a higher education after her 5 children were all over the age of 12 years old. Three of us girls were all within 1 1/2 years of eachother so she should've been planning a nice island retreat after surviving us! Instead, she wanted to give to the world. She went on to become a published scientist working on causes that were near and dear to her heart and trying to make a better place for all of us. In doing so, she made very little money.

When cancer struck the second time, she was sick, broke, had an aggressive cancer that was going to be very tough to beat.  She needed to be resourceful. That is where organizations like Fred Hutch came in. She made her survival and desire to beat a very nasty disease her full-time job and volunteered for any study she could that would help her. It was the only option she had. It was a long road and she NEEDED progressive, aggressive, compassionate, accessible, and competent organizations to help her with her war on the cancer that had taken over her body. It was a great trade-off, science helped by providing her excellent care and cutting-edge solutions while she was able to make her self a guinea pig to help others in the future. About as close to a win-win that this type of grave situation can have, I guess.

This story is not only about Helen, this story is about continuing to support organizations like Fred Hutch to CONTINUE helping our moms, as their needs come up, but also to continue the tireless progress to make the need to help our moms a little easier by ELIMINATING cancer and making this world a better place. As many know, this story does not have a happy ending for us but my mom BEAT the cancer before succumbing to complications of a body that was a warzone for over a decade of her life. Please help me raise money to make others' stories a better outcome than Helen's. The world lost a brilliant warrior for humanity and a caregiver to many from this disease and she is only ONE of the millions.

I will be riding 100 miles in one day with Olbliteride, benefiting Fred Hutch, on August 10th with throusand of others who are committing to do their part. The good news is, you can support me on this journey without having to get on a pair of those spandex riding shorts and sitting on a bike for hours on end! 


I’m doing this because I’m ready for a world where no family has to fear this disease. We’re making progress, but we have a long way to go: One in three people will still face cancer in their lifetime.

Every Obliteride-raised dollar goes to lifesaving research at Fred Hutch — and the Hutch won’t stop they have cures for all cancers. Already, researchers there are advancing breakthrough treatments, ramping up prevention and diagnosis, and bringing together the best minds in science, tech, and business to save more lives, more quickly.

It’s amazing! But bold research takes money — and that’s where we come in.

Please donate today (even $1 HELPS SO MUCH) and join me in putting cancer in its place: behind us.

Thank you.

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