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Obliterate Cancer. Obliterate COVID-19. Obliterate Racism.

On August 1st I rode accumulated more than the elevation of Mount Everest, 29,029 feet (8834 meters) , in a single day by riding a single climb repeatedly in the virtual cycling world of Zwift on my indoor trainer. The cycling community calls this a vEveresting, one of the most difficult endurance undertakings one can do. It took nearly 17 hours and was definitely the hardest ride I've ever done either indoors or out. You can find my Obliteride ride log on Strava:

This one day of discomfort was hardly anything compared to the suffering of those whose lives are on the line every day -- but as I hope it was a springboard to positive change in fighting sickness, both biological and societal, I was all in.

2020 was my third year in a row riding Obliteride raising money for good. Originally, I was going to skip this year's Obliteride, not just for a break for myself but also for my generous friends and family who have supported me in the past two years.

But I chose not to do that. This year I tackled an incredibly difficult physical and mental effort to fight cancer, COVID-19 and racism by matching every dollar donated to both Obliteride and to Racial Injustice and Criminal Justice Reform charities*.

Each year I have chosen a challenge to demonstrate my commitment. In 2018, I signed up to ride 100 miles when I had never ridden more than 30. In 2019, in addition to the 100 mile Obliteride, I rode 213 miles for Seattle to Portland in a single day while wearing my Obliteride jersey to raise awareness and earn a volunteer match from Microsoft. With organized rides cancelled during the pandemic, this was what I took on as the next challenge to tackle for good.

*: I am willing to direct my matching donations (and Microsoft's employee match) to any relevant charity of your choice** if you let me know. otherwise I will donate to causes that will maximize my Microsoft match: Equal Justice Initiative, Leadership Conference Education Fund, Minnesota Freedom Fund, National Urban League, Innocence Project, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

**: If you already donated to a charity, let me know and give me a suggested amount that I will gladly donate aside from this Obliteride fundraiser.

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