AUG. 10, 2019

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Seattle Beavers
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5k Walk/Run
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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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As the spouse of the event director, I'm somewhat obligated to participate in this event. I've never been the kind of person to join fundraising events. Part of it goes back to the fact that I was raised with a strange relationship toward money. My sister and I were never to ask for money or even to take money that was offered to us. We were always taught to pay our own way. As I've learned more about the Obliteride and cancer research, I now know how important it is for as many of us as possible to go out and drum up financial support in the fight against cancer. Fred Hutch is making incredible gains in cancer research, but that research costs a lot of money. Let's help raise some money against a disease that has touched nearly all of our lives.


I'm Obliteriding to cure cancer faster — and I need your support!

This August, beneath Mount Rainier, bald eagles, and an enormous orange banner, the kids and I are joining thousands of people in Seattle to bike, run, walk, and raise money to obliterate cancer.

We’re doing this because we are ready for a world where no family has to fear this disease. Researchers are making great progress, but we’re not there yet: One in three people will still face cancer in their lifetime.

Every Obliteride-raised dollar goes to lifesaving research at Fred Hutch — and the Hutch won’t stop until they have cures for all cancers. Already, researchers there are advancing breakthrough treatments, ramping up prevention and diagnosis, and bringing together the best minds in science, tech, and business to save more lives, more quickly.

It’s amazing! But bold research takes money — and that’s where you come in.

Please donate today and join us in putting cancer in its place: behind us.

Thank you!