AUG. 10, 2019

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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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Riding for Ovarian Cancer Research

It may be that time of the year to schedule myself a bike tune-up but it's always 'that time of the year' to support cures for cancer! I will be doing the 100 mile bike ride challenge to support ovarian cancer research at the Fred Hutch. This institution does amazing work in acting with urgency in getting treatment fast to the patients in need.

I chose to ride for ovarian cancer because although this type of cancer is rare, there is still ample research and development to be done in treatment options for this patient population. This was also personal for me, as someone who had worked with patients on gynecology oncology clinical trials, I was touched by the lives of patients who have met this disease just as they were just about to turn 30, or were just starting their families. It has been an honor having the opportunity to experience the inner strength of womxn/ovary-carrying folks who go through this, and to be able to work towards the cause of working towards the possibility of seeing all of them beat this disease.

The bike ride up Tiger Mountain is the easy part - you don't have to ask me twice. What I need your help on is your support to meet my fundraising goal of $1000 by August 2019. If you're thinking 'I'll help out next year' - people's lives depend on this - so please act now. Some people cannot wait until next year for your support. 

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