AUG. 10, 2019

I Ride to Obliterate:
Pancreatic Cancer
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$6600 $6,600.00
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I want to obliterate Pancreatic cancer
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Donate to ABD's Bike Ride to Cure Cancer v2!

Dear Family and Friends:

Once again this August, I’ll be saddling up my trusty REI Co-op bike and pedaling around Seattle and its surrounds, to raise money for the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center—an awesome annual event called Obliteride. As most of you know by now, Fred Hutch is our hometown, Nobel Prize-winning NIH-designated comprehensive cancer center. To learn just a little bit about how the awesome researchers there developed the bone marrow transplant, and how science continues to advance--creating new immunotherapies at an unprecedented pace--look no further than last week’s New Yorker feature, The Price and Promise of Cellular Therapies. It’s amazing.

Again I’ll be riding for my Uncle Rich, who passed away in 2002 from pancreatic cancer. Pictured here in the Wausau Daily Herald (sporting a stylish ‘stache circa 1978, upon being named Breakfast Optimist of the Year), Uncle Rich would have turned 70 earlier this month. His birthday gave me and my family a moment to reflect on how much we wish sweet, kind, fun Uncle Rich was still around, just to see how life’s turned out for all of us (the answer is, pretty great). The birthdays, weddings, baseball games and rounds of golf he’s missed; the Milwaukee Brewers’ return to the playoffs (x3), and (at least) one more World Championship for the Green Bay Packers …Uncle Rich would have loved it.

More family and friends have also joined our Obliteride team this year. And while our nephews aren’t old enough to pedal 50 or 100 miles just yet, they’ll be joining Jen for the 5k. Cancer has touched our family, as it has most everyone’s; but we believe that the world-leading and cancer-beating research taking place at Fred Hutch is going to produce cures in our lifetime. For these kiddos and every family: no more missed baseball games!

Thanks so much in advance for considering a donation.