AUG. 10, 2019

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All Cancers
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I want to obliterate All cancer
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Welcome to Kipp's Page

Thanks for visiting my Obliteride fundraising page! 

This August I'll be riding 50 miles around Lake Washington, wow--pretty good!  Fred Hutch organizes this ride to raise $ millions $ for cancer research.  The Hutch is a great research facility and I'm happy to contribute in my own small way.

If it's within your means, I would love for you to chip in and help me hit my fundraising goal.  If you can't, know that I love you just for stopping by and reading a bit!  

Why are you doing this, Kipp?

1. The ride is going to be fun!  We go from UW around Lake Washington, across Mercer Island, then around Lake Union to Gasworks park.

2. Lot's of great folks are doing it! Shout out to Danny, Evan, and all my coworkers who are riding as well.  Adaptive (my work team) is a fairly small company but we compete with the much bigger outfits at Microsoft and Amazon for fundraising.  

3. It's a good cause! Cancer fucking sucks.  

The personal bit

In 2018 I lost both my aunt Ruth Porrini and my friend Joe McClenahan to cancer.  I had known both for practically my whole life, and their loss was devastating.  There is no undoing their deaths, and I'm more aware than most that my $1000 isn't going to cure anything.  But part of my coming to terms with the death of loved ones is learning to embrace their memory in positive ways. For me, this event is a great chance to focus on Ruth and Joe by shedding a few tears and a few thousand beads of sweat.