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Testing my body's limits to help Fred Hutch stop cancer and COVID

Hi, it's me Tomás. I will be testing my body's physical (and mental) limits to help Fred Hutch with cancer and COVID research. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

While this will not be a typical summer nor a typical Obliteride, I will be making the most of it! I am participating in Obliteride by combining my favorite and least favorite activities in an effort to raise money for lifesaving research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 

For Obliteride this year, I will complete a middle distance triathlon (2.5km swim, 80km bike, 20km run), eat an 18" pizza (Hot Mama's, half pepperoni half pesto preferably), drink a 12 pack of beer (probs something light or fruity), and complete a 500 piece puzzle. All of this will be done on August 8th, 2020.

This event will be both physically and mentally taxing, and even though I’ll do my activity by myself, I won’t be alone. I’ll be joined in spirit by many people from their locations around the country and world — riders, walkers, runners, and other participants who are ready to take action by supporting prevention, treatment, and cures.

I encourage you all to support my activity and Fred Hutch's continued research by donating to help me reach my goal of $1,000. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated and will help motivate me for this OBLITERIDE! AND as an extra perk my highest donor may choose the beer, and second highest can choose pizza toppings (please nothing gross for either)!!!

I’ve accepted this challenge because now, more than ever, the world needs Fred Hutch’s fearless science. All of our lives have been impacted by the effects of cancer, and now more recently the effects of COVID-19. I am participating for my father, who is battling basal cell carcinoma, my grandfather, who defeated prostate cancer, my uncles, who both had melanomas succesfully removed, and my grandmother, who unfortunately lost her life to ovarian cancer. 

Private contributions from supporters like you fuel this leading-edge research. Every dollar you give this year will power Fred Hutch’s front line cancer research and advance real-time work on test, treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19. 

The Hutch has made some of the world’s most important medical advances — from developing bone marrow transplantation as a cure for leukemia, to pioneering powerful therapies that harness the immune system to eliminate cancer, to creating advanced diagnostic tools that detect cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages.

And today, as we face the new threat of COVID-19, the Hutch’s virologists and infectious disease experts are confronting this global crisis with their hallmark creativity, collaboration, and unshakable focus. By expanding testing capacity and developing treatments and vaccines, these extraordinary scientists are committed to ending this pandemic. 

I urge you all to donate, and I hope to you too will join Obliteride to support Fred Hutchinson's research!

Thanks friends!

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