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We Are Committed To Curing Cancer Faster

Obliteride 2018

Team Sahsen
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Friends and Family,

     We have come together as Team Sahsen to support one another and our beloved ones who have previously fought or are currently battling cancer. We share a commitment to each other, our family, friends and our community.
     Through our focused participation in Obliteride, to the intentionality in our activities throughout the year, we stand (and ride) resolved to eradicate this scourge upon humankind.


Team Sahsen - Join Team Raised
Bryan White $1,025.00
Leita Bain $50.00
Emily Brandenfels Mora $500.00
lisa Dietrich $475.00
Debra Fouts $250.00
Mark Frankel $250.00
Gailen Greenstein $100.00
judy greenstein $1,000.00
Peter Guyer $1,300.00
Jaimee Heffner $225.00
Karla-Luise Herpoldt $410.00
Mason McIlwain $0.00
Matthew McIlwain $500.00
Matthew McIlwain $0.00
Dori McLennan $2,100.00
Dan McNamara $600.00
Marc Mora $500.00
Kirsten Morrison $500.00
Joe Principe $600.00
susan principe $175.00
Jan Selvar $5,800.00
Gregory Shepherd $250.00
Deborah Walsh $275.00
Christine White $3,865.00
Chuck Wilk $0.00
Zack Wilk $1,275.00
Team Gifts $7,550.00
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