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Hi - Thanks for visiting. 

We're a tiny but mighty Obliteride-focused team that's grassroots; our members are not riding with ties to any particular business or other organization, and we ride in solidarity with the spirit of the community.

In this our third year we're taking a break from active recuiting, and are thus tinier than prior years, but we're proud and grateful to have crossed a threhold of having raised more than $70k in aggregate as a team. 

All Spiders (teammates) ride the 100-mile route, and each aims to raise at least $2,000 in donations.

Team website:

Team images can also be found on Instagram (search: #TeamCatchTheSpider)

Please Donate

Every dollar donated goes directly to Fred Hutch's world-class development/delivery of cancer remedies; here is a link to their "accountability and impact" page:

If you'd like to contribute funds to help us help Fred Hutch cure cancer faster, then please click on the orange "donate" button on this page to make a general donation to our team of Spiders.

If you prefer to donate to a specific Spider, visit the Roster page of our team website (see above), and click on "donation page" next to their name.

(thank you!!)

Recruiting Spiders

Before joining team Catch the Spider via the link on this page, please read the Join page on our team website (, and contact us through the form on that page.

Let's face it, the majority of us are at least a little uncomfortable with fundraising, and riding 100 miles is a significant challenge for most people.

We Spiders commit to a level of performance that may be daunting in some ways to most people, but is a negligible challenge as compared to what battlers of cancer endure.

Thus, in solidarity with cancer fighters, all Spiders gladly commit to: Registering for the 100-mile ride; Using best efforts to raise $2k+ in donations...and having fun along the way!

Why "Catch the Spider"?

The concept of team Catch the Spider was hatched out of admiration for the legendary Italian bicycle frame builder Dario Pegoretti.

Dario was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2007, and has waged his cancer battle while otherwise continuing to live life on his own terms; the wine and bread graphics on the back of our team gear are a nod to this spirit. 

One of Dario's bicycle frame paint designs - the inspiration for our team graphics - is called Catch the Spider. That name originated from a playful suggestion made to Dario by his assistant Pietro Pietricola as a tactic for how Dario might fight his cancer ("the spider" refers to Dario's cancer...the implication is that a drunk spider is easier to "catch"):

"Pietro said to me, 'drink a glass of wine and the spider will get drunk'” - Dario

 - Thanks for helping us support Obliteride and Fred Hutch!! 



Catch the Spider - Join Team Raised
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Rob Mathewson $3,262.00
Mark Tindall $3,000.00
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