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Obliteride 2018

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Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing empowered antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer.


We're stepping up to ask people to join us in fighting cancer. Cancer has taken too many lives and is threatening too many more. We’re learning, but need to learn faster. Research is that path to discovery and understanding.


Please join us in this fight. Ride with us, donate to our ride, and tell others about Obliteride. Because while riding Obliteride might be hard, it’s nothing compared to fighting cancer.

Seattle Genetics - Join Team Raised
Matt Skelton $150.00
Ben Achevarra $0.00
Sean Barrera $100.00
Joel Beckerman $200.00
Eric Bertelsen $50.00
Jenis Bhavsar $0.00
Bea Binag $250.00
Deanna Bordeman $100.00
Heather Brignull $0.00
Robert Burke $150.00
Earl Campbell $0.00
David Chiu $0.00
Darern Cline $0.00
Julia Cochran $0.00
Nicole Crosby $100.00
Mary Ann Cummings $50.00
James Downar $100.00
Jeff Duncan $0.00
Joseph Feliciano $50.00
Betty Gibbins $0.00
Nathan Hendrick $0.00
Scott Jeffrey $0.00
Kristen Kelsey $0.00
Sean Kelsey $750.00
Ruth Keoviphone $0.00
Justin LaFord $100.00
Patsy Lewis $250.00
David Meller $100.00
David Moore $0.00
Jeff Moore $100.00
Amanda Olson $0.00
Matthew Onsum $100.00
Harch Ooi $0.00
Vidhi Patel $175.00
Paul Pittman $0.00
Jason Schafer $25.00
Nicole Schroeder $0.00
Roee Shahar $150.00
Todd Simpson $0.00
Terri Spinelli $50.00
Tiffany Stilwater $100.00
Sarah Stocker $0.00
Madison Strawn $50.00
Colleen Stromatt $250.00
Rob Terek $0.00
Robert Thurman $0.00
Frank Vanderwel $35.00
Thomas Vignon $0.00
Jenna Voellinger $0.00
Liz Whalley $50.00
Clay White $250.00
Malis Wilds $100.00
Candice Willmon $250.00
Roozbeh Yousefi $0.00
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