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Join us and help end cancer!
Join us and help end cancer!

Why do we ride?  Ask any team member and you are sure to get different answers.  But what is clear is the devastating impact cancer has on people's lives.  We're survivors, caregivers and fighters and we want to put an end to cancer in our lifetime!  We believe we can help make this happen by raising money for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 and because the event is fully underwritten by generous sponsors and staffed by wonderful volunteers, 100% of your money will be used for research!  Please join the fight and make a donation to Fred Hutch.  Fred Hutch has pioneered breakthroughs in nearly every field of cancer research, starting cures that save thousands of lives.  
This year, more people are joining our Obliteride family.  Returning team members include Leona Lyon, Sam Stratton, Larry Jenkins, Kyle Kersavage and Peggy Hain and new team members include Brian and Irina Lusby, Kurt Walls, Matt Hill and Jonathan Petkovits.  We're riding 50 miles, while Chris  Cassidy and Justin Box ride 100 miles, on Saturday, August 11.  We also have an energetic group of 5K walkers raising money and fighting cancer that include Lindsay Stotz and Scott Nicholson, Michaela Byram, Allison Kollack, Tara Herrick and the Dempsey Family.  If you are interested in particpating, please reach out to a team member for more information.  There are 25, 50 and 100-mile bike routes, a 5K walk and a variety of volunteer opportunities.  The Obliteride team is welcoming, supportive and passionate about their mission to end cancer.  There's always room for more so please consider spending August 11 with us!
We also want to give a special shout out to our return donors!  Last year, donations totaled $2.8 million and this wouldn't have been possible without YOU.  Since our first ride in 2014 Team Rene has rasied over $30,000 contributing to Obliteride's 5-year total which is now over $12 million.  The great news is that your money is already hard at work funding research in a variety of areas.  Please visit the ABOUT section of to learn where the money goes.  
We know that for those currently fighting cancer, new therapies cannot come fast enough.  Research is the path to discovery and understanding, which leads to prevention, earlier detection and better treatments.  Doctors and scientists at Fred Hutch work tirelessly, everyday, to make discoveries that lead to better outcomes.  Because of your generous support, this research is accelerated and more lives are saved.  Together we can OBLITERATE cancer and save lives faster!
BOEING EMPLOYEES:  Be sure to visit the GIVE website and complete a match request.  Boeing will match your donation dollar for dollar, doubing your impact!  If you need help with this process, please ask a team member for help.
If your work for another employer be sure to see if they match funds as well.
We also want to give a special thank you to Flywheel South Lake Union.  Flywheel is helping us get in shape by providing great spinning/cycling classes appropriate to all fitness levels.  Interested in having fun and getting fit?  Give them a try!

Team Rene - Join Team Raised
Heather Stotz $5,540.00
Justin Box $2,220.00
Michaela Byram $750.00
Chris Cassidy $1,750.00
Colin Dempsey $25.00
Ellen Dempsey $245.00
Lauren Dempsey $25.00
Sean Dempsey $245.00
Craig Erdahl $225.00
Peggy Hain $1,110.00
Tara Herrick $300.00
Matt Hill $1,545.00
Larry Jenkins $1,200.00
Kyle Kersavage $1,000.00
Allison Kollack $1,525.00
Brian Lusby $1,000.00
Irina Lusby $1,000.00
Leona Lyon $1,595.00
Scott Nicholson $250.00
Jonathan Petkovits $600.00
Lindsay Stotz $1,170.00
Samuel Stratton $1,300.00
Kurtis Walls $1,535.00
Team Gifts $1,000.00
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