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Team Kenny

I first met Ken and Mary shortly after they bought the local hardware store.

I had spent many hours walking the isles of that very store as a kid with my dad--picture the prototypical small town store, this was it! They took that ideal and made it better, happier and it felt like home. Ken helped me a ton buying all of those necessary pipes and wires for the little cottage my wife and I had just bought. He was that smiling face that helped me when the house was breaking me down. We found a common love of the bike and he and Mary were like my kids' third set of grandparents.

Later I was honored to help them realize the dream of building a home on Mary's family property--their jewelbox "Not So Big House."

Ken was that smiling friend one could count on with a "c'mon Johnny, let's figure this out."

in 2012, Ken rode the pre-ride of the Tour of California with a bunch of his best friends--six months later he was gone.

Cancer doesn't care who you are, how strong or happy, how old or young. Ken is one of those people who made a profound impact on my life...I owe it to him, to do what I can to beat cancer, to help The Hutch do it faster!

Through our first five years, Team Kenny has raised over $50,000, money that all goes to the Hutch in thier efforts to defeat cancer!  Lets keep riding and raising hope for a cure!






For 2018, and the our sixth year of "Team Kenny" at Obliteride, FORMA Construction has joined the fight.  As our title sponsor FORMA's culture of family, passion for work, drive for excellence and generosity is a perfect match to the work being done every day at Fred Hutch to cure cancer faster!  

FORMA Construction Company

Providing construction services to public and private clients throughout the Northwest for over thirty years | FORMA pairs seasoned construction management teams with master craftspeople to deliver detailed analysis and job sites focused on both safety and efficiency. With an extensive portfolio that includes retail, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, FORMA has been successfully delivering quality construction projects for thirty years. FORMA's unique company culture encourages employees to share creative ideas and empowers those employees to implement complete solutions. An energetic workplace, FORMA seeks out challenging projects and matches them to our teams of hard-working, innovative construction professionals.

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