AUG. 10, 2019

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Obliteride 2019

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We ride for people, near and far
We ride for people, near and far


We are team Blazin Saddles. We are people that have fought cancer, we are people that are affected by cancer, and we are people that want to make a difference. We believe that CURES START HERE.

We raise money for people. People who need breakthroughs, new techologies, new drugs, and CURES. The work done at Fred Hutch and across the country will mean life for so many people, now and in the future.

Me, you, loved ones. People we don't even know. The best thing about cures is that they create a new path forward into the future. One with hope.

What we really want is for people to live long lives with the people they love, and not have to worry about cancer. And that is why we ride. We will ride every mile with hope and determination in our hearts.


The ball is rolling. Fred Hutch is learning more about cancer prevention, diagnostics and treatment and Obliteride can help us get to cures faster. More than 300 labs and projects are working hard to save the lives of people all over the world by conducting innovative, high-impact cancer research. Please join us in this effort to put cancer in its place, behind us. Your entire donation goes DIRECTLY to cancer research. Maximum impact, where we need it most.



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In Lisa's words... 

I sat down the other day to begin writing about why I am committed to riding in the Obliteride in August and especially to fundraising for the event. I was overwhelmed with the number of people I counted that I personally know who have died from cancer or who are current cancer survivors. I challenge you to do the same and you will be shocked by the number.

These are the faces of cancer that I am riding for and I would like to tell you a bit about each of them.

My middle brother Mark, who died at age 26. TWENTY-SIX..... that is so crazy! He died from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1986. I could write so much more about him, but for this post, the briefness of his life is my point.

My step-sister Laura. She died a year and a half ago from colon cancer. She left behind an absolutely amazing daughter Miaya who literally had just left for college when her Mom died. Leaving for college is a bit scary for any kid- having your only parent die at that time in your life is unfathomable. But Miaya will be OK... more than just “OK”, because her Mom raised an amazing, strong, resilient and passionate daughter during their brief time together.

Darla’s father Maurice- he died at age 58 from cancer.... cancer that he had beat once years earlier but it returned with a vengeance. I never got to meet this man and so wish I could travel back in time for that ability. He never got to see his grand kids grow up or see the amazing parents his grandkids have become.

My 3rd and 4th grade teacher “Mr. C” (Willard Clapper). It would take pages to write about how this man inspired me and positively influenced me. His impact on my life was profound. To me, he was always larger than life- someone I always looked up to and adored. The way his life ended so quickly due to Lymphoma just broke my heart.

My amazing brother Gary and his incredible girlfriend Michelle. Gary is a prostate cancer survivor and Michelle is a two time breast cancer survivor. They live every day trying to improve their odds of survival because they are ones that have truly touched the brink and understand how precious life can be - and they love their lives and want to be here as long and as healthy as they possibly can. They inspire me every day!

You guys.... there are so many other faces and stories of cancer I could put on here! My grand-parents, Roy, Mary Anne, David, parents of my friends, Luka’s friend’s parents and siblings…so many that all lost their lives to cancer. Too many lives that ended too soon in an awful, sickly, treatment filled, failed struggle to survive.

Then there are the survivors, many of you that are reading this; Shelly, Georgianna, Martine, Karen, Betty, Julie, Sandy, those that live every day with a sigh that they made it, but with that little thought of, “will I remain cancer free?”

These are all the faces of why I ride! And I ride with the hope that I don’t have to add any more to this list.


In Michelle's words...

My name is Michelle. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor, but even more importantly-- I am a stubborn, hopeful, enthusiastic lover of life. Cancer never has, and never will define me.

My cancer journey started in 2011 when I was 28 years old. I was stage 0 DCIS breast cancer, so I underwent a double mastectomy and moved on with life. In 2015 I felt a lump, and just like that the cancer was back. Quite unbelievable given the amount of breast tissue I had left, and just like every cancer survivor, life was flipped upside down in an instant.

The second time around we went big. Port. Chemo. Surgery (2x). Radiation. Herceptin infusions for a year. Hormone therapy for five. Even now, two years out, I can't believe I still struggle with the aftermath. The new normal. The side effects from the drugs I am still on. Most days I wish I were normal. Every day I am glad to be alive.

Since my diagnosis, I've asked myself how I can help myself survive. How I can help others survive. I sincerely believe that exercise and overall health is what I can take into my own hands. Its what I can control in a world of uncertainty. I started riding when I had my double mastectomy. It got me out of the pit of cancer treatment and recovery. I kept riding, and then I found the Obliteride. A way to help myself while helping others at the same time.

This will be my fourth year of Obliteride, and it is incredibly special each time. The first year I rode with tears in my eyes, thinking of all the people I held in my heart and prayed for. The second year I rode for all of those people and added another 50 miles (100 total), feeling like the pain of a 100 mile ride was symbolic in so many ways and proving to myself that I can conquer all. Last year I rode 50 miles for the memories of those I've lost and the passion for saving not only myself but for everyone impacted by this nasty disease. My partner and I raised over $2500 between us. This year, I continue to ride with determination, heart, and courage. This year, I ride for new survivors. Newly diagnosed is why I am here, showing up. I wish for nothing as much as I wish for an end to newly diagnosed.

I ride for those people in infusion chairs, for the people trying to find a way to break the news to their family and kids, and for those that are praying for a miracle. It's time to kick cancer to the curb.

Ride with me. Donate. Let's put oncologists out of a job.



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