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HSV (herpes simplex) is an important viral pathogen that infects billions of people around the world and is associated with significant morbidity. The team at Keith Jerome's Lab, which is a part of Fred Hutch, has done extensive research into HSV (herpes simplex) and is testing a potential HSV cure through a gene editing treatment. Doctor Jerome is personally well aware about the need for better HSV treatments.

Dr. Jerome's team was the first to eliminate the majority of latent HSV-1 from an animal: Article linked here.

Due to strong support, the fundraiser's goal of $50,000 was exceeded in 2019, the first fundraising year. The fundraiser hit $100,000 on September 3, 2020 and is continuing strong. Because of the popular support for this cause, the target goal has now been increased to $200,000.

Dr. Jerome's team will be using the funds collected through this fundraiser to support the important preclinical animal work needed to bring this therapy into humans. Such tests will also target HSV-2. Thank you all for your tremendous support! 

Please note that, when making a donation, you may receive a message thanking you for your donation towards cancer research.  Such messages reflect Fred Hutch's traditional research focus.  Please rest assured that all donations made through this page, will go towards Dr. Jerome's HSV research.

If you would like a tax receipt that does not mention “Keith Jerome’s HSV Gene Therapy” for confidentiality reasons, please email