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Athletic Event

2017 Heart & Soul Climbing Competition

Welcome to the 4th annual Heart & Soul Charity Climbing Competition! Since we started, this event has raised over $20,000 to support cancer research. Come out this year and support the cause!

The event is held at the Denver Bouldering Club's central location near downtown Denver. We set exceptional competition boulder problems for all ages/abilities, offer tons of door prizes, food, & over $3,000 in cash prizes! Come watch the Open category crush some hard plastic, enjoy some free food, and climb a few routes yourself for cancer research!

$20 from every competitor who attends will be donated to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

This year, we're adding a new way for competitors to contribute to the cause! You can join our team to help raise funds for Cancer Research. Your efforts will go directly towards life saving treatments and the top fundraisers will qualify for awesome prizes.

We chose the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center because Fred Hutch scientists are world leaders in revolutionizing the way we prevent, detect, and treat cancer and related diseases. To put it simply, their research saves lives.

Did you know ...

The bone marrow transplant, developed by Dr. E. Donnall Thomas at Fred Hutch, earned him a Nobel Prize and provided the first example of the human immune system’s power to cure cancer. More than 1 million people have received this lifesaving procedure.

Today, Drs. Phil Greenberg and Stanley Riddell continue Dr. Thomas’ legacy, leading the way in the game-changing field of immunotherapy. In fact, they are perfecting an approach that could render chemotherapy and radiation obsolete, making cancer treatment for patients much less grueling and toxic.

Dr. Denise Galloway helped develop the vaccine that prevents human papillomavirus, or HPV, infection, which can cause cervical cancer.

Dr. Jim Olson developed “Tumor Paint”, an experimental molecule derived from scorpion venom that illuminates cancer cells so surgeons can see tumor margins more clearly. This means surgeons can zero in on the cancer, eliminating all of it, without affecting healthy tissue.

Dr. Gary Gilliland, president and director of Fred Hutch, has a bold vision. He believes Fred Hutch scientists can find curative therapies for many, if not all, cancers within the next 10 years. They just need the funding to do it.

Please join us in supporting this endeavor by donating today — your gift will support innovative research that saves lives.

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